Letter I Can’t Send

Dear Someone I Can’t Let Go,

I wonder how are you doing? Do you still have that smile that is so contagious that I can’t help but stare? Listing to our song takes me back to the fun times we had. If I could only rewind the clock back just to hear that laugh that gets me every time. “It’s so sweet knowing that you love” those lyrics have held such great value over time, haven’t they?

I remember the first time you had me listen to this song. It was my first time picking you up for work, I never told you but I was so nervously excited that day. You were worried about making me tired for work when you had to be there earlier then I did. I told you it was fine because I couldn’t wait for our drive to work.

Do you remember reaching over for my hand…..I was hoping you didn’t feel how clammy they were. To swift my nervous I remember asking you if you wanted to play some songs….then you played this song. The song that know breaks me.

“Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex has became an forever emotional attachment. It takes me back to me cracking jokes just to see you smile. You were worried I wouldn’t like it but it became OUR song.

I’m writing to you because night like these, where I feel crushed and don’t know what to do, I want to know what you are thinking. Truth is I am not over you. I miss you.

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