Can A Person Change?

Is it possible to believe time apart will awaken the eyes of the other to a different perspective on the relationship?

I write this because of the thought that ”Hey if I want this to work I know I have to put in the work”. Now I can’t help but to ask two things.

Is he thinking the same thing?

Or maybe I can be his example of hard work and dedication.

As I stated before in my previous blog…I am not on this self-renewal journey because of the want to be with him. I am doing this journey for me and me only. Living life aimlessly without a sense of self-love and care was not the lifestyle I wanted to live anymore.

I cannot help but wonder is it wrong to want to be the change in someone else life? Is it okay to reach for that goal….be me so others see ”Wow she’s really happy…I want some of that”? Can a person really change another person?

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