Giving Up

What do you do when you just want to give up? I ask this because currently, I have found myself just not trying anymore. I started to feel worthless as though I have nothing to offer this world.

I try and try again telling myself…today is going to mean something. Then here comes me over-analyzing everything. Just staying in my corner where I feel safe. I mean who can judge you when they can’t hear or see you?

When I first started this journey of finding who I was, I remember being so excited so free. I mean I could be who I wanted to be!

It wasn’t until this last 2 weeks I’ve been feeling defeated, worthless, and quite honestly just someone who takes up space. I fear myself because I feel as though I am slipping back into my old ways. I’m tired of living life like this! I see myself going backward it’s only time to move forward. Finding that strength to do so is the chanllenge.

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